What we do

Research, analysis and consulting on high stakes qualifications and technology 

We advise on a range of business issues and applying outside-in perspectives help clients to achieve their goals

  • Strategy–  we work with companies to develop strategies that deliver results by combining in-depth customer insight with market expertise to create sustainable, organic growth
  • Implementation– we help you get your project off the ground and where required give your team the tools and training for them to become self sufficient

Research services

We are experienced in qualitative and quantitative research and able to speak to your customers/potential customers/stakeholders to find out more, whether it’s asking about your performance, how you need to be better or the bigger opportunity out there.

We keep up to date with the ever-changing world of education with a particular emphasis on 15 to 19 qualifications and student choices. Whether policy-driven, originating from the DfE, Ofqual, UCAS or market-driven such as the rise of the student consumer we like to feel we have our finger on the pulse and can appreciate how these changes may affect you and your organisation.