Strategy & marketing planning

As your marketing partner we can help you to establish a clear strategy aligned to your school’s specific objectives and budgets.

Strategic planning can help you to set priorities, focus your energy and resources and ensure that your team are all working to common goals. It can help you to produce decisions and actions that shape and guide who you are, who you serve, what you do and why you do it with a focus on the future.

Perhaps you need support for a single day to update or re-visit an existing plan or a more comprehensive approach to develop a new plan from scratch. Either way our experience and flexibility enable us to design an approach that will suit your needs.

Our diagnostic toolkit

One of the tools we commonly use with schools is a diagnostic toolkit, its easy to use and understand, not full of marketing jargon but visual and adaptable. It involves working with you and your team having collaborative discussions to understand where you think you are now and where you want to be. We’ll do an audit, talk to your stakeholders to get their view, look to see what the competition are doing and share our diagnosis and work with you to come up with a prescription for change. We’ll stay in touch after the project if you want us to with a regular ‘light touch check-up’ to help keep you on track in an ever changing and challenging world.

Working in partnership with other marketing services providers 

When it comes to marketing execution,such as brand visuals, websites, brochures, social media and so on we are happy to work with your existing providers, help you to source new ones or you can chose from our trusted network of providers.