T levels consultation – Work placements and other ingredients in recipe for success

We finally wrapped up our consultation response last week and whilst we remain clear on the need for change and agree with many of the ingredients, we still see a need for greater clarity on the ‘recipe’ and foundation for success

In a roundup of sector thinking here the CBI had this to say on the recipe:

“T-levels have the potential to be revolutionary, opening up new routes to skilled work, but they can’t be rushed or driven by Whitehall targets. Learning the lessons of the apprenticeship levy will help – this must be a partnership

The government needs to work with business on curriculum design and work placements, involving a wider range of businesses in their plans”

The CBI then had this to say on some of the key ingredients for success

“Key priorities for firms are delivering sufficient high-quality work placements, ensuring that there is flexible support for all learners to progress onto level three and ensuring a universal offer on provision in all parts of the country”

The requirement for sufficient high- quality work placements was echoed through the responses of other key industry bodies, something that we agree on whilst also noting high level of challenge in making this happen.

Building on this Altain also emphasised the need to learn the lessons of 14 to 19 Diplomas, a point echoed by the Edge Foundation in a separate response here.

Finally, Altain’s view was that much will also depend on promotion and how the narrative for T level is developed. That the proposed £9m investment  in the ‘Careers strategy’ announced in December here, is less than one 50th of the £500m investment promised for T levels introduction, tells you there is someway to go to get buy in to the full mix of ingredients required to get the job done.

Your views?

Did you contribute to the consultation? What did you see as the key ingredients for success? What still needs to be done?



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