HE technology and value

Choice, Competition and Technology 

Whereas once technology may have felt like an option, in today’s environment its a must. Key is balancing operational considerations with the need to sustain the value proposition in the eyes of the student, employer and society more generally

Other developments such as the Teaching excellence framework (TEF) represent an evolving picture, however, in view of the remit of the Office for Students (OfS) there can no doubt that the direction of travel for higher education is towards an even greater emphasis on choice and competition to achieve dual objectives of cost efficiency and student value

Altain Education are experts in competitive consumer and market strategies in qualifications and technology and as the TEF agenda drills down to the subject level, we are particularly well placed to guide and support people in higher education through the transition

Value Claims 

Legal Decent, Honest, Truthful?

With more choice, competition and regulation and an even more demanding student – getting marketing claims right has never been more important

Everyone in education wants to do the right thing for students but an increasingly complex and competitive environment means that it’s never been more important to communicate your value in the best possible way, confident that supporting evidence is to hand

Value matters, values matter more

Clearly you want to be on the right side of the guidelines and regulations but neither do you want to over-correct – underrepresenting your value to prospective students. We offer pragmatic advice and support enabling you to make the right judgments for your specific situation. We can do this because of our extensive experience both in education and other highly regulated sectors

Reputations really matter in education and are hard-won over the long term which is why we place a big emphasis on getting to the heart of your unique value as part of our consideration

Our services

Some of the services we can offer

A roadmap for transitioning from paper to digital – without throwing the baby out with the bathwater

A bespoke research panel of customer and subject matter experts to draw on as required

A heads-up on the changes within the UK education ‘market’ with expertise in exams and assessment

A diagnosis – from a commercial health check, to fully fledged ‘gap analysis’ in the areas that matter the most to you and your organisation

A research project to find out what your customers and users really think

A specific problem that needs fixing eg re-branding for a specific audience such as teachers, or creation of a teacher/customer engagement programme

A segmentation analysis – ‘one size fits all’ may be de rigueur for policy interventions but doesn’t cut it when it comes to achieving development and/or commercial goals

Experience you can trust

Managing Director, Geoff Hurst has over 30 years’ experience of brand and marketing campaign claims for leading not for profit and commercial brands including BT, Times and Sunday Times and Boots.  Prior to founding the agency he was the Director of Market Strategy for A level exam board AQA. Uniquely he was both the Strategic Marketing Director for the consumer champion Which? As well as the professional body for marketers, CIM

Project Director, Anthea Davies background prior to education was in project management and communications in the highly technical and regulated pharmaceutical marketplace. Brands include McCanns, Publicis Health, GSK, Pfizer & Novartis. Anthea is our lead for the claims substantiation reports and audits