Higher education

Choice and Competition Consulting

The future of the teaching excellence framework (TEF) is an evolving picture, however, in view of the remit of the planned Office for Students (OfS) there can no doubt that the direction of travel for higher education is towards an even greater emphasis on choice and competition to achieve dual objectives of cost efficiency and student value.

Altain Education are specialists in competitive consumer and market strategies in education and as the TEF agenda drills down to the subject level, we are particularly well placed to guide and support people in higher education through the transition.

Our services

Projects we’ve worked on and services we can provide:

  • Monitoring and projecting developments with TEF and broader OfS agenda and what it means for you and your institution
  • A TEF Diagnosis – from a health check, to fully fledged ‘gap analysis’ in the areas that matter the most to rankings and awareness
  • A research project to find out which ‘badges’ your customers and key stakeholders really care about and respond to
  • A specific problem that needs fixing eg re-branding for a specific audience such as teachers or creation of an employer engagement programme
  • A portfolio analysis – ‘one size fits all’ may be de rigueur for policy interventions but doesn’t cut it when it comes to achieving institutional objectives
  • A strategy and action plan – pulling it all together for you and your team
  • Internal communication campaign for sharing TEF goals within the wider organisation
  • And sometimes help with implementation – helping to get your project off the ground