Market strategy and planning in UK education with a difference 

A lot is changing for students and users of qualifications and assessments over the next few years starting in 2017

Altain has been consulting and working at the heart of the changes for over 10 years and is helping universities, employers and education industry suppliers to better understand, adapt and prosper during this period of change

Outcomes driven, evidence based

We are a team of marketing strategists specialising in education and assessment and using our backgrounds in the world of commerce combined with sound knowledge and expertise in education, help people and companies to create their roadmap and to achieve their goals

The services our clients most often request and you might choose are:

  • A heads up on the changes happening within the UK education ‘market’
  • A diagnosis – from a health check, to fully fledged ‘gap analysis’. leaving nothing to chance in the areas that matter the most to you and your organisation
  • A specific problem that needs fixing eg re-branding for a specific audience such as teachers, or creation of a teacher/customer engagement programme
  • A segmentation analysis – ‘one size fits all’ may be de rigueur for policy interventions but doesn’t cut it when it comes to achieving commercial goals against market realities
  • A strategy and action plan – pulling it all together for you, your team and for sharing within the wider organisation
  • And sometimes help with implementation – helping to get your project off the ground

Lets talk

If you are facing new challenges, unsure about what to do or if you just don’t have the resource and feel you need some help – please get in touch. Call Geoff Hurst on 07824 773384/01628 421666 and he would be very happy to discuss your situation and how we may be able to help you